Thanks for visiting Bloom!  My hope, when beginning this blog, was to write about what inspires me.  Primarily, I envisioned that would be my flower garden in bloom.  However wintertime in Colorado has made year-round writing about flowers, difficult, at best.  Here and there I’ve strayed from the Gardening Path to write about beverages, faith, my duo of cats and even junk (well, YOU may think it’s junk!)  I hope you’re enjoying the journey.

We all have our faves.  Here are some of mine, I think you’ll enjoy them too!

I have a dirty side.  Read about it in An Affinity for Rust.

Green Tea & Gummy Bears.  Yes, they actually can and DO go together!  Join me as I discover Gummy Bear Tea for the first time.

Everything in Arizona either, bites, scratches or pokes.  I met some prickly characters there, where everything is On The Defense.

Sunny sweetness:  Peek-A-Boo With the Sunshine

Looking for a little inspiration and hope, check out The Treasure That is Within and Spring’s Brave Dream.

With two cats under my wing, I consider myself just One Kitty Short of a Crazy Cat Lady.  My fuzzy kitty Max serves as a pretty good muse, especially in APB: Turquoise, Ruffled Shirt on the Loose.

Okay ladies, we’ve all been there!  Stuck in close quarters some place with a man who thinks truly believes he can flirt no wrong.  Mine involved an airplane, an innocent, unassuming stewardess and a teenaged student.  Come On, Mr. Come On!


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