And so it begins . . .

It finally arrived.  The day I’ve dreamt about for the past six months.  The moment you whisk through the doors of a plastic-encased shrine to all things budding and blooming.  The warm smell of fragrant, green-leafed humidity and rich, perlite-dotted soil envelopes you immediately, fanned around you lightly by huge metal blades whisping slowly at the other end of this inverted half-pipe of flora and fauna.  An array of pots beckoning you, enticing you with bright colors, textures and opportunities and the unequivocal instant emotion of hopeful inspiration.

There is just nothing quite like that first deep breath of the summer season inhaled in a greenhouse.  That moment when all things seem possible, even the deep burgundy-robed miniature calla lily hidden in the corner, out of sight of its much humbler Zone 4 flowering neighbors.  Who’s to say how its exotic beauty even made it close to this place, with delicate blooms not well suited for Colorado’s cool nights and short summers.  Maybe it hitchhiked, escaping its hot, humid home, catching a free ride with a delivery van undiscovered, destination unknown.  But somehow, at that moment, even this tropical variety seems do-able.

The possibilities are endless.  As are the trips up and down the aisles.  Slowly surveying the wondrous displays of seeds, turned seedlings, thinned and transplanted, fed and fertilized until robust, with blooms stretched upward as if arms waving at you boldly, saying “Pick me!  Pick me!”

And the competition is stiff.  Pinks, yellows, reds, purple, orange and even blue.  Tall, short, bold, delicate.  The bright eyes of the almost-neon-bright geraniums follow you carefully up and down the aisles, the queens of potted annuals keeping a close eye on their rows of supporting actors.  The sweet, faces of pansies smiling innocently, nodding at you as you pass.

Bright marigolds, uncurling their ruffled arms, laughing happily in deep oranges and yellows.

White bacopa and periwinkle lobelia trail down their pots, following you, begging you to take them with you.

As I scoured the rows over and over today, not so much undecided as simply admiring the beauty, the fragrance and the first of this summer’s blooming bounty, a light mist of small raindrops began tinkling lightly upon the clear plastic roof over us.  Summer’s first sweet orchestra, playing gently and rhythmically, lulling me to wish I could sleep if just for a moment in this perfect place among the flowers, awakening later to their fragrant harmonies of color and the scent of freshly fallen rain.

But today, the afternoon will have to be enough.  I will leave what remains in the care of the fluttering butterflies and sphinx moths, carefully wafting from one flower to the next.

May you enjoy the first of summer’s blessings and embrace the hope of the nearly endless possibilities it offers.


23 thoughts on “And so it begins . . .

    • Thanks so much! I spend all year waiting for summer’s beautiful, fragrant journey to begin again! I’ll try my best to take you through my garden, via words and photos, in the months ahead!

    • Should I give my secrets up so easily?! 😉 The obsession starts with Day Dreams and MGM, and by mid-summer it has radiated outward. Some people visit museums and art galleries for entertainment, I visit greenhouses. What can I say?!

  1. KT – this is just a treasure to read~ you are a masterful writer and have the ability to captivate the reader with your words and images… I think my heart rate increased reading this post 😉 It’s beautiful and conveys hope and remembrance that life offers all of us ‘infinite possibilities’! Your gardens must be divine! Sending Love today ~

    • Gosh, what kind, kind words! Thank you so much Robyn! I’m glad you enjoy my long strings of, dare I say “flowery” descriptive words?! Ha! I’m not sure if divine is the right word for my gardens, but they are most definitely a work in progress. I can’t wait to share more words and pics as things really start blooming again! Plus, I’ve also created a new beast this year . . .raised veggie gardens. Wish me luck! Thanks for sending love and encouragement always!

  2. So well put — makes me thankful for every moment of that field trip! Thanks KT, I’m anxious to see the results.

    • Thanks for being my willing partner in crime! I’m not sure if I saw that competitive flower hoarder trait come out until the very end, when I found that pot of petunias! I was wondering if it would make an appearance! Ha!

    • Don’t they just make your heart sing! I’m all about the bright colors! Looking forward to more of your photographic take on all things summer too!

  3. Your writing is exquisite! We don’t have the old fashioned, wonderful greenhouses, but aisles and aisles at Home Depot, Lowe’s or some local nurseries. I miss the true greenhouses, but your journey brought back many memories of White’s Nursery at Meeker growing up. Loved it and love you! x0x0x0 Aunt Kathy

    • Thank you so much Aunt Kathy! The true greenhouses are becoming more rare, at least for us as customers, aren’t they? Such magical places! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. I feel as though I just walk ed through the damp, warm fragrant greenhouse with you admiring and inhaling the scents and sounds …thank you! Thank you.
    I always come home with way more than intended.

    • Glad you were there with me in spirit, Jess! I also usually end up with WAY more than I go in for, but isn’t that the excitement of it?! Never knowing what you will find, or what will enamor you with its beauty? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. This made me smile so much. I have a love affair with greenhouses, too…and you’ve illustrated just how I feel when I’m tucked beneath glass and wrapped in humidity. Have you ever considered writing for gardening publications, or the farmer’s almanac? Whenever I browse the Writer’s Digest, there are always publications looking for that sort of work.


    • I’m glad it made you smile! They are just heavenly spaces, aren’t they? I love loading my car up, savoring that greenhouse scented blend of moist soil and petunia petals all the way home! Ahhhhhhh! Can’t say that I’ve ever considered anyone being interested in my “flowery” musings, but I may just have to keep an eye out. Thanks for the encouragement!

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