Green Tea & Gummy Bears

I can’t say I’m a green tea fan.  The spearmint, citrus and lemongrass tones they try to add is all an innocuous cover for the green tea itself, which juts out uncannily from beyond their sweet covers.

I admit, I drink it.  But I don’t like it.

Most mornings while I’m watching it steam its green hotness into the air around my to-go mug, I’m wishing I lived just 45 miles closer to a drive through Starbucks, which would greet me happily with a grande white chocolate mocha, no questions asked.

That’s what I want. But that’s not what I drink.

All I can say is, this green tea better be doing something good for my body, otherwise this daily drudgery will all be for naught.

My brother knows my keen aversion to green tea because he has to hear about it almost daily as I pinch my nose and chug it down, grimacing in green tea grossness every morning in our office. Maybe it is for that reason that he and his family showed up at my door yesterday with:  Hoop La! Yummy Gummy Indie Tea.

Hoop La! Yummy Gummy Indie Tea

This has to be every non-tea-liking, tea drinker’s dream —  a tea made with gummy bears.  Now we’re talking!  This is a tea I could get used to.

Made in Las Vegas, Nevada, it touts itself as “A Delightful Concoction of Fruit Pieces, Herbs and Gummy Bears.”  Yes, gummy bears.  Any true tea lover would be ashamed.  I couldn’t wait.

Today was the day. I expected a brand new book (written by a favorite author) to arrive and today would be the day I would steep my gummy bear goodness, curl up on the couch and savor them both in the fading light of afternoon.

Here’s how it went:

Mug and spoon ready . . . excited to be in on this gummy bear tea experience. 
Peeling the label, I couldn’t wait to see what this “tea” looked like. 
Bananas?  Who said anything about bananas?  I hope they didn’t go and ruin a good gummy bear tea with real, natural, good-for-you fruit!
Ahhhhhhhh, there’s one!
 Okay, so I really couldn’t help it.  I had to eat just one.  Oddly, it tasted nice with the herbal-powdered remnants of its tea tin home. 
 Scoop of tea ready to be steeped.  I’m sorry little gummy bears . . .
One more bit the dust.
 Gummy Bear brewed perfection, I can’t wait!

The anxiously awaited book is “So Much Sky” by Karen Weir-Jimerson.  She’s an amazing country transplant who writes about her life in the country surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens, roosters, oh yeah, and her family.  There was a time I subscribed to Country Home magazine almost primarily due to her “Life in theSlow Lane” column. My heart was broken when the beautiful publication ceased to exist a few years back.  I miss Country Home’s beautiful feature articles and Karen Weir-Jimerson’s magical take on all things country.

Needless to say, I am so excited to read more of her experiences and memories in the country.  She makes me yearn to live on a couple of acres outside of town surrounded by animals, hay fields and gardens.


17 thoughts on “Green Tea & Gummy Bears

    • Hahahahaha! YES! I DO! It’s just the drinking part . . . . ! That is too funny, had totally forgotten the OTHER recent green tea experience! I’ll have that kind of green tea any day!

  1. As a green tea lover I feel that you might like to try my favorite out which is Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng! I’m sure that you won’t need any gummy bears to make it go down!
    Very good story on an interesting subject, keep writing!

    • I had a feeling it would spark a comment from a certain “green tea lover!” I could actually even forego the tea part and would be quite content with just the gummy bears! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Hi Karen! I’m so honored you visited my blog — thank you for writing so beautifully and inspiring me to dream to live in the country one day! Yes, yes . . . please quote me! (How often do we say that?! Usually it’s “Don’t quote me, but . . .” Ha! Keep writing! One of my faves was your story about hunting for pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, with an unfortunate face plant into a rotting specimen! Love it!

      • Thanks!! For the words–and for reading the book!

        As for green tea: I must say I’ve learned to love it. I make a steaming cup of matcha (ground green tea) every afternoon. I love the idea of gummy bear tea though–what a funny thing. I’m imagining gummy bears doing the backstroke with their tiny arms in a cup of warm tea. 😉

  2. Thanks for the introduction to a new writer! I chugged a cup of green tea every day of my pregnancy 8 years ago, and now the straight-up stuff gives me a woozy, first-trimester kind of feeling. I DO love the matcha/frothy/green tea latte at Starbucks, though. Now…off to find that tea! It’s just too cute for words!

    • Oh no wonder you stay away from regular green tea! Who wants to relive that?! Ha! I may have to try this matcha tea I’m hearing about, and the latte sounds heavenly!

  3. aw, c’mon, how was the tea? The imagination is working well., love the temptation to pry out a couple of the gummies. And the book teaks my interest too. Thanks for a most entertaining “share.”

    • Hahaha! The million dollar question! Anything that involves gummy bears is obviously on my good list — especially something as healthy as TEA! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

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