Trouble in January

There’s trouble brewing.  Out of the moist with snow-just-melted, dark soil, trouble is brewing . . . sprouting actually.

Crocus sprouts peeking their heads into the chilly January air.

I thought I glimpsed something green poking its way out of the dirt into the chilly January air.  I took a closer look, to rule out a newly germinated weed left over from last summer.  I couldn’t believe it.  The little crocus bulbs I planted only a few months ago, when the dirt was still warm with autumn’s sunshine and blue skies, were peeking out from their winter beds.  The new moisture plus warm sun on the south side of my house are obviously having a fast forward effect on my bulbs.

I blame it on the bipolar winter we’ve been having.  Apparently, El Nino is more my kind of Northwest Colorado winter.  Strings of sunny, blue skied days are boring, bring on the blizzards, snow days, plow trucks and shoveling.

A singular srout braving the winter still around.

This El Nina winter weather pattern, with its sunny 60 degree days and “snowstorms” bringing just a dusting of snow are really starting to mess with my winter.  And now it must be altering the growth patterns of the plants in my flower beds, beckoning my hibernating bulbs to sprout to life in January?  Yes, something is definitely wrong with this picture.  With a good two months of winter left, I’m worried sick about my new bulbs.  At this rate, they’ll be in full bloom at the end of February!

While purple, yellow and orange flowers in March would no doubt be good for the soul, I don’t trust this bipolar weather pattern.  I can’t help but think that it’s faking us out, that this warm weather must be setting us up for a blizzard to beat all blizzards that will hit us sometime in June.  I just can’t bear the thought!  I’m a fan of winter snow, but no self-respecting, non-skier wants a good snowstorm in June.

Cheery daffodils smiling out at me!

But the little crocus bulbs aren’t the only things sprouting and blooming now.  A few days ago, I found myself in a grocery store, drawn inexplicably to the floral section.  Spring had officially sprouted into bloom in this store.  There were buckets and buckets full of spring’s grandeur . . .  sunny, golden daffodils and rainbows of tulips, all smiling brightly out at me from the corner of the store.

A springtime rainbow of tulips!

Their cheery dispositions promised that spring was on its way, snow or no snow.  I guess it’s never too early to celebrate the expected return of new sprouts and blooms.


4 thoughts on “Trouble in January

  1. Wow… I guess if you are in Zone 4 this is an extremely mild winter for you as well. Can you believe it?? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to making my way around here as well. 🙂

  2. My daffodils are coming up, and I just noticed that my mountain laurel are starting to unfurl their buds a bit, too! Hope a hard freeze and blizzard doesn’t come around Easter, dashing away all the flowers with it.

    I love the way you write! Such emphasis and passion on the simple things. xo

    • It’s so exciting to see new things coming up, but it still seems so early! We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for them! Thanks for your kind words!

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