The Treasure That is Within

It was just a glint in the sunlight.  A sharp reflection you weren’t sure if you had really seen or not.  A shiny glimmer catching your eye, then disappearing again as if a mirage.  Little by little there were more, some shiny, most dulled with layers and layers of earth.  They were there, slowly being exhumed from their places of rest by a backhoe digging the edges of my future home’s foundation.

My "found" glass treasures

As we descended into the hole, lured by the shiny mysteries, we found glass.  Bottles in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and muted colors reminiscent of sea glass.  We had stumbled upon what most at the scene assumed was an old trash site, but to me, we had unearthed a treasure from decades past.

Digging was stopped.

One by one, we hand dug the bottles as if we were scientists unearthing a mammoth skeleton of enormous magnitude.  At this point, my builder probably thought I had gone off the deep end.  Some were broken, with only shards remaining.  Surprisingly, most were intact.  And they were dirty.  Thick clay stuck to the outsides of most of them, and the dirt had even wound its way through their thin necks coating them with a dull, filmy crust inside too.  But I could see beyond the dirt and dusty scum to their polished, shiny forms beneath.  From the glint and shimmer that caught our eyes earlier, I knew I had no choice but to save them.

This little one in the center even had it's cork still intact!

Later I discovered the difficulties of cleaning old glass that had been buried for years and years.  I soaked them.  I swooshed them.  I scrubbed them.  As a last resort, I finally “Fixodent”-ed them after reading an online tip.  The truth was, denture cleaner or not, it just took time.   That dirty film had taken years and years to stick, so I slowly scrubbed, soaked and “Fixodent”-ed each layer off, little by little until my found glass again shimmered and glimmered in the light.

Not all could be removed, but I kind of like it that way.  It reminds me of where those bottles came from.  I like to think that I rescued them from their dark life and did my best to restore them to their original beauty.

Today those bottles have found a most perfect home.  I didn’t realize while my house was being built that my two doors were designed with a skinny transom window above them, making a narrow shelf between my door and the window above.  I knew in an instant what was destined to be there.  Those little windows are the perfect “home” for my unearthed glass treasures to proudly shine in the sunlight again.

Lifted to their perfect home, to glimmer in the sunshine

Like my glass bottles, we all have buried treasures within us that are waiting for the chance to shimmer, glimmer and catch someone’s eye.  Will you be able to shine just enough, at exactly the right moment, to find your way out of the place you have come to rest?  To be hand-picked and lifted from the earth to a new, beautiful and perfect home?  Forget the dull layers that the world has covered you in, you can still shine from underneath.  And there is someone who sees you for your beauty within, dirt or no dirt.   Somebody is willing to scrub those layers off in an instant and reveal the perfect you that He created.

You haven’t been discarded, forgotten or buried underneath heavy pressure from above.  Never forget your treasure that is within.

At just the right moment, you too, can be lifted to a special, new place where the past is erased and all that’s left to do is simply gleam in the sunshine.


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