Just a Split in the Path . . .

In the garden of life, there come splits in the paths.  Moments where you may choose to journey to the right, past the yellow sunflowers, scented bunches of lavender and the heights of tall asian lilies or venture to the left through thickets of orange coneflowers and low-growing, creeping thyme.  Sometimes the straight path simply ends.  As much as we would like to remain going forward, we are forced to change direction.

I believe these splits in the path occur in our lives daily.  In my life, they happen by the second.  Moments where you can make one decision or another, say one thing or something different, and ultimately those moments where I instantly regret the decision that was made.  They may not occur with loud, can’t-miss-it momentum, like a double ended arrow announcing that the road has dead-ended.   It’s companion, a nearby traffic sign, clearly telling us the two options we have and the destinations that either choice will lead us to.  Don’t we all wish there were a sign clearly demarcating where our specific decisions will lead us?  Our journey through life would no doubt improve drastically!  But just like the coneflower seed falling to a new spot one chilly autumn day and sprouting to life the next spring to claim it’s rightful spot in my garden, God has different plans for us.  The path isn’t always straight.  The path doesn’t always lead the way we wish or hope it would.  It winds up hills and down, around mountains and over the tops of them.  More than just getting us to final destination, God leads us.  Shows us.  Pushes us.  And even carries us.

Life isn’t about the destination, dreams conquered or deadlines met.  It is about the daily, small gardens where character is built through regrets and mistakes, where we stop to enjoy the winding path and relish in the unknown that lies ahead and within us.

Like the mysterious seed self-sown in the soil without the gardener’s knowing, may we be joyfully surprised with what sprouts in the spring and live ever in wonderment and anticipation of what blooms may be just around the bend in the path!


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