A Contrast in Reds

Merlot, cabernet sauvignon and strawberries glazed with orange . . .it's not all the same!

I’m sure you wouldn’t mistake a good red blend wine with a merlot, would you?  Although both reds, one obviously contrasts boldly with the next.  A cherry is clearly not the same as a tomato.  Is your ‘red’ the same as mine?  Probably not, and I found that out today at the beauty salon.  As a natural redhead, I take the color of my hair very seriously.  I love the natural tones in my hair and I take pride in being able to say it doesn’t come out of a bottle.  However, with the world these days prompting you to believe that things can, and should be better, we all get sucked into the theory that if things can be better . . . shouldn’t they be?  Between plastic surgery, wrinkle creams, botox, hair extensions and fake nails . . . why bother with the natural, if you can have un-natural perfection.  Thighs can be made thinner, teeth can be whitened and even eye color is up for grabs these days.  I can’t help but giggle at the ad on television for a prescription eyelash lengthener.  They illustrate the dramatic increases in growth, eyelashes that go from thin and sparse to thick and long in a matter of weeks.  Who wouldn’t want to enlist immediately?  After seeing the proven results, the ad quickly runs through a list of precautions and potential side effects.  The most notable being dark pigmentation of the iris, which is, in most cases permanent!  Thick lashes or not, I’m just not willing to give up the natural color of my eyes.  Obviously interpretations vary as to what is forgivable in regards to that which is attainable, regardless of the costs.

What I didn’t realize is that I left my idea of “red” up for interpretation in the beauty salon today.   I pictured dark brown just barely tinged with a slight tint of auburn, what happened was strawberry red glazed in orange.  All that is missing is the sliced strawberries and their sugary glaze.  Our interpretations obviously differed.

The bottom line is that hair grows back.  Plain and simple.  I’ve had some bad haircuts over the years (most of which I try to blame on my mom during my junior high years), but the basic premise we can usually rely upon is that our current hairstyles, colors and emergencies are only temporary.  Now it’s those junior high school photos that may last a lifetime . . .


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