Snow and the Lack Thereof

Wintertime in Colorado.  It conjures up ideas of blustery mountains covered in blankets of fluffy, champagne powder. Instead of looking out of my windows into a world of white, I find myself searching out that last remnant patch of wind-blown, icy snow in the shady spot in my garden.  Blown by recent, raging winds, softened nearly to a melted puddle in yesterday’s 50 degree afternoon, then re-frozen in night’s dark cold, the patch seems almost but a memory of winter’s past.  Walking outside in the warm sunshine confuses the body and the mind – it seems that spring should be here any second. Then I remember that it’s only January 2nd.

I can’t help but think wearily of my new fall-planted perennials, clinging to the cold ground without a cover of snow to insulate them, as their roots meagerly attempt to grow into the ground around them throughout these cold dark months.  Maybe now is not the right time to think of those Zone 5 plants that I felt certain would overtwinter just fine with snow’s heavy cover?


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